Thaba Mahaka Taxidermy

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Our Terms & Conditions

  • 50 % deposit with all orders except Dipped trophies. Deposit confirms the order and acceptance of the following terms and conditions.
  • No completed items will be released until paid in full.
  • Completed work not claimed and paid in full, will be sold within 1 month of registered notice and deposit will be forfeited.
  • As we do not have any control over field preparation, no responsibility will be accepted for any damages, hair slip or loss during processing here.
  • Please note that a Professional Tannery tans all skins and we accept no claims arising from damage to skins or loss of skins tanned by them.
  • No liability will be accepted for trophies obtained illegally. All incoming trophies are accepted in good faith and the onus shall be on the client to prove that the trophies were legally obtained.
  • Trophies stored at own risk. We are not responsible for any loss due to power failure, storms, theft, fire, political riot or any cause beyond our controll.
  • Only written instructions will be followed. No liability or responsibility will be taken for verbal instructions, which may be incorrect.
  • If no instructions are received, trophies will be mounted to our own discretion.
  • We guarentee satisfaction, provided skins reach us in good condition.
  • For aftercare instructions, please contact us.
  • Prices do not include packing and shipment costs.


As we do not have any controll over the field preparation of trophies and in view of many factors, which have a definite effect on the final result of tanning, we accept no responsibility whatsoever for the tanning of skins in any raw shipments shipped from Thaba Mahaka Taxidermy.